Fight Porn #2 Michael Dean Interview

July 1, 2011

On this #2 episode of fight porn "Hot Chick" interviews Michael W Dean famed front man and bassist for the legendary Bomb turned book author, film maker and gun activist. Vital topics include coffee enemas, incoherent morning babble, The $30 Success Story, bad Lemon-aid, Ted Nugent as Revolutionary, the Pornography of Injustice, Statism and Marijuana hating Queers in New York.


Fight Porn Episode #1

June 28, 2011

Here it is. The first installment of the Fightporn podcast featuring talk on fighting, porn, religion, guns, weed and much more. Listeners are encouraged to email questions and or comments to or send an attached audio file for inclusion on the show. Warning: Some contents may be objectionable to religious or weak minded individuals. You've been warned.